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We utilize state of the art estimating software in the preparation of your proposal, which provides you with much needed detail for all specifications, and allows us to edit easily to customize the final scope and price to your specific budget. While it does produce a lengthy document, the detail provided will allow you to closely control the scope of work and to make certain that you are getting what you are paying for. Many of our competitors give “lump sum” bids that lack essential detail and leave you guessing on quality and design aspects of the job. Many items in our proposal are based on an “allowance” which is your money to spend. Things like flooring, tile, electrical and plumbing fixtures, hardware, etc. will ultimately be selected by you or your designer, and when your selection costs less than the allowance, we credit the difference back to the job.

Thank you for your interest in TMS Construction and Design. Please fill out the request form and a TMS design specialist will contact you within 12 hours.